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Emergency Medicine

Sudave Mendiratta, MD
Professor and Chair, Emergency Medicine



Velvet Green, Emergency Medicine Residency Coordinator:

Department phone:  (423) 778-7628



Sudave Mendiratta
Family Medicine

J. Mack Worthington, MD, FAAFP
Professor and Chair


Department email:

Department phone:  (423) 778-2957


Contact:  Sharron Skoretz, C-TAGME
                Family Residency Coordinator

                (423) 778-2957

J. Mack Worthington, MD, FAAFP, Professor and Chair
Internal Medicine

Louis R. Lambiase, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine
Program Director, Gastroenterology Fellowship


Practice Phone:  (423) 778-4830

Department email:

Department phone: (423) 778-2998


Contact:  Deborah Fuller, Coordinator

                (423) 778-2998

Louis Lambiase, MD

Thomas Devlin, MD

Chair, Department of Neurology



Practice Phone:  (423) 778-4660

Thomas Devlin, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Stephen DePasquale, MD
Interim Chair
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Department email: 
Department phone:  (423) 778-7515


Contact:  Paula Barnett, OB/GYN Residency
                (423) 778-4558

 Stephen DePasquale, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery

Richard G. Alvarez, MD

Professor and Chair
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Department email:

Department phone: (423) 778-9008


Contact:  Donna Gibson, Orthopaedic
                 Surgery Residency Coordinator
                (423) 778-9202

Richard Alvarez, MD, Professor and Chair

Charles R. Woods Jr, MD, MS

Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics

Chief Medical Officer (Children's Hospital at Erlanger)


Department email:

Department phone:  (423) 778-6185


Contact: Crystal Wilson , Pediatrics Project Manager


                (423) 778-6185

Charles R. Woods Jr, MD, MS
Plastic Surgery

R. Bruce Shack, MD

Professor and Dean
UT College of Medicine Chattanooga
Chair, Department of Plastic Surgery


Department email:

Department phone:  (423) 778-9047


Contact:  Liz Jones, Executive Assistant to the Dean
                (423) 778-6956


Contact:  Tara Lee, Plastic Surgery
                Residency Coordinator


                 (423) 778-9047

Bruce R. Shack, MD

Justin Calvert, MD

Interim Chair, Department of Radiology
Program Director, Neuro-Interventional Surgery
Fellowship (Non-Standard)

(423) 778-7234


Department email:

Department phone:  (423) 778-7371


Department of Radiology Overview

Justin Calvert, MD, Interim Chair, Radiology

R. Phillip Burns, MD, FACS

Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery


Department email:

Department phone:  (423) 778-7695


Contact:  Cindy Rudolph, Surgery Program


                (423) 778-7695

R. Phillip Burns, MD, FACS, Professor and Chair

Amar Singh, MD, FACS
Chair and Program Director
Department of Urology


Dept Phone: (423) 778-4691

Department email: 


Contact: Stacey Blanks, CAP

Urology ResidencyCoordinator

 Amar Singh, MD
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