MED3-3001/F Internal Medicine Clerkship-CHATT


Clerkship Director:  Gary Malakoff, MD, FACP

Course Contact: Joyce Poke  (423-778-6670)
Location:  Erlanger Hospital

Orientation Location: Department of Internal Medicine, 2nd Floor, Whitehall Bldg., 960 East 3rd Street

Size: 6

Overnight call: none

Weekend work: yes, depending on on-call schedule

Deadline or cancelation: 30 days before start of elective


·         Half Block: Not Negotiable

·         Time off for interviews: negotiable 30 days before start of clerkship

·         Off cycle start and stop: not negotiable]

Deadline for Cancelation: Thirty days prior to the start of clerkship

Blocks offered:  all blocks

Prerequisites: None

Pre-reading:  any Medicine text

Link: None


This is a face to face clinical rotation offered in the fall and spring and receiving 14 credit hours.


The objective for the M-3 Internal Medicine Medical student education is for students to acquire a fundamental knowledge of internal medicine while developing skills of physical examination, history taking, case presentation and various procedures.  The goals, objectives and projects for the Internal Medicine Clerkship are the same at all UT sites (Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga).   Teams consist of an attending physician, one resident, and two interns.  Rounds occur daily and students are expected to be active participants.  There is no overnight call. A night float team allows students to leave the hospital around 5 PM on most days and by 8 PM on the day the Team is on “call.”  Students usually have one day off in 7. The UT College of Medicine Chattanooga provides apartment living arrangements (based on availability) and meals for all students who participate in rotations in Chattanooga.


Revised 1/2017


UT College of Medicine Chattanooga     960 East Third Street, Suite 100     Chattanooga, TN 37403     (800)947-7823, ext 6956

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